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CCTV systems installation implies

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Main installation steps for CCTV systems from Stack-Systems

At first sight CCTV installation does not seem to be something difficult. But in fact, non-professional installation does not guarantee you stable work during the exploitation period. On the other hand, the procedure of CCTV installation is always the same for us. Thanks to this, we make everything in the shortest terms and in the best of possible ways. And for the most common objects (office, shop, bank, parking) we have suitable solutions tested by time.

Familiarization with an object

CCTV installation begins from acquaintance with client and object, where CCTV is needed to be installed. First of all, manager performs several meetings with a customer to define the aims of CCTV on the object. After that our specialist visits an object to explore it. During the process we define the best places to install cameras so they can work effectively.


On this step we sort all the gathered data, basing on which we will choose the cameras, places of their installation, types of analysis and data they will be processing. After making a definite plan we calculate the cost of choosed equipment and its installation. An agreement is made basing on everything mentioned. When customer will study the plan and sign an agreement we will get to work.

System installation

On this step, the development and installation of cable network takes place, which will be used to transmit data from cameras to receiving devices. Then equipment described in the estimated documentation is being delivered to the object. After that the actual equipment installation and configuration begins.

Object check

After finishing all the installation object is being prepared to a check. We fix all the damage which was done during the system installation, also we clean construction garbage. We organize remote access to the system, install passwords, give access codes.

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Advantages of our CCTV installation services

Systems approach, сoncise assignment of tasks between teams let us to establish the manufacturing cycle of CCTV installing. As a result, in short terms you will get a CCTV system ready to work.

We guarantee you that we will install and set up your CCTV system according to all the rules. After the installation we also offer maintenance services, which include diagnosis and troubleshooting if needed.

  • iconAllotted manager to a project
  • iconElaborated work plan
  • iconVideo analytics installation if needed
  • iconFree engineer visit to an object
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