Access point Cisco AIR-AP4800E1-K9

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.11ac W2 Analytics AP w/CA; 4x4:3; Location; mGig -E Domain

Cisco Aironet 4800 – line of universal high-performance access points with four integrated internal antennas. A feature of this series is that it has a unique function of flexible change of the operating mode of radio modules..

Access points also supportВ HyperlocationВ and have built-in modules Bluetooth Low Energy.


  • Support for the latest wireless protocolВ 802.11AC Wave 2, which allows you to get a theoretical throughput up toВ 2,6 Gbit/with
  • Support for virtual digital network architectureВ Cisco DNA
  • Unique radio frequency architecture, together with patented noise reduction technologies “Cross-AP Noise Reduction” and optimized roaming, allow you to create reliable wireless coverage for networks with a high density of clients
  • Multiplayer connection technology to three spatial access pointsВ 4X4 MU-MIMOВ allows you to separate data streams from different clients, which increases throughput
  • supportВ Multigigabit Ethernet
  • Deep traffic analysis technologyВ Intelligent Capture
  • Hyperlocation technology to determine the location using featuresВ WIFI and BLE
  • Intelligently changing the operation mode of radio modules based on the RF environment:В 2,4 and 5 GHz, dual modeВ 5 GHz
  • Technology supportВ ClientLink 4.0 and CleanAir
  • Ability to allocate a radio station for network security monitoring

access point Cisco AIR-AP4800E1-K9 (.11ac W2 Analytics AP w/CA; 4x4:3; Location; mGig -E Domain)
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