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  1. Router Cisco 1921/K9

    EAN: 10000
    Cisco 1921 Modular Router, 2 GE, 2 EHWIC slots, 512DRAM, IP Base
    GPL Price:

    1195 $

  2. Router Cisco 1941/K9

    EAN: 10001
    Cisco 1941 Router w/2 GE,2 EHWIC slots,256MB CF,512MB DRAM,IP Base
    GPL Price:

    1595 $

  3. Router Cisco 1921-SEC/K9

    EAN: 10002
    Cisco 1921 Security Bundle w/SEC license PAK
    GPL Price:

    1695 $

  4. Router Cisco 1941-SEC/K9

    EAN: 10003
    Cisco 1941 Security Bundle w/SEC license PAK
    GPL Price:

    2495 $

  5. Router Cisco 1941-2.5G/K9

    EAN: 10004
    Cisco 1941 with 2.5G DRAM, 256MB Flash
    GPL Price:

    2475 $

  6. Router Cisco 1941-HSEC+/K9

    EAN: 10005
    CISCO1941-HSEC+/K9 VPN ISM module HSEC bundles for 1941 ISR platform
    GPL Price:

    5345 $

  7. Router Cisco 1941W-E/K9

    EAN: 10006
    Cisco 1941 Router w/ 802.11 a/b/g/n ETSI Compliant WLAN ISM
    GPL Price:

    2095 $

  8. Router Cisco 1921-T1SEC/K9

    EAN: 10007
    Cisco 1921 T1 Bundle incl. HWIC-1DSU-T1,256F/512D, SEC Lic
    GPL Price:

    2295 $

  9. Router Cisco 1921-ADSL2/K9

    EAN: 10008
    Cisco 1921 ADSL2+ Bundle, HWIC-1ADSL, 256F/512D, IP Base Lic
    GPL Price:

    1695 $

  10. Router Cisco C1921-4SHDSL/K9

    EAN: 10009
    Cisco 1921 4-pair SHDSL Bundle, HWIC-4SHDSL, IP Base Li
    GPL Price:

    1995 $


736 Products found

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We offer to buy routers - specialized network equipment with two or more interfaces for data packet redirection. The Stack Systems catalog presents models of the most popular brands. Among the wide range of products you can easily find a suitable option for solving the tasks.
Reliable equipment for businesses of all sizes Cisco routers are advanced smart devices that have been tested for fault tolerance for years. Characterized by flexibility in setup and management, good scalability. Suitable for creating networks of communication providers, enterprises of various scales. Easily integrate with major operating systems, support many network protocols, provide a high level of security.
Juniper Networks routers have a wide range of applications, from the core of the enterprise network to trunk routing. Widely used in corporate networks and data centers. Support virtualization technologies, traffic segmentation function, operational route change, multiple addressing, dynamic software update. High-quality routers are optimal when continuous operation and network security are important.