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  1. Router Cisco C8300-2N2S-6T

    EAN: 17001

    C8300 2RU w/ 1G WAN (2 SM and 2 NIM slots, and 6 x 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports)

    GPL Price:

    16088 $

  2. Router Cisco C8300-1N1S-4T2X

    EAN: 17002

    C8300 1RU w/ 10G WAN (1 SM slot and 1 NIM slot, and 2 x 10-Gigabit Ethernet and 4 x 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports)

    GPL Price:

    16088 $

  3. Router Cisco C8300-1N1S-6T

    EAN: 17003

    C8300 1RU w/ 1G WAN (1 SM slot and 1 NIM slot, and 6 x 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports)

    GPL Price:

    11798 $

  4. Router Cisco C8200L-1N-4T

    EAN: 17182
    Cisco Catalyst 8200L with 1-NIM slot and 4x1G WAN ports
    GPL Price:

    2360 $

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  5. Router Cisco C8200-UCPE-1N8

    EAN: 16995
    Cisco Catalyst 8200 Edge uCPE with 1 NIM slot and 1 PIM slot, 6 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 8-core CPU, 2.5 in. HDD, M.2 slot
    GPL Price:

    2477 $

  6. Router Cisco C8200-1N-4T

    EAN: 16996
    C8200 1RU w/ 1 NIM slot and 4 x 1-Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports
    GPL Price:

    5309 $

  7. Router Cisco C8500-12X4QC

    EAN: 16997
    12-port 1/10GE, 2-port 40/100GE, 2-port 40GE
    GPL Price:

    157766 $

  8. Router Cisco C8500-12X

    EAN: 16998
    Cisco Catalyst 8500-12X Edge Platform
    GPL Price:

    102255 $

  9. Router Cisco C8500L-8S4X

    EAN: 16999
    4-port 1/10GE, 8-port 1GE
    GPL Price:

    34863 $

  10. Router Cisco C8300-2N2S-4T2X

    EAN: 17000

    C8300 2RU w/ 10G WAN (2 SM and 2 NIM slots, and 2 x 10-Gigabit Ethernet and 4 x 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports)

    GPL Price:

    20378 $


10 Items

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Series devices Cisco Catalyst 8000 - unique platforms that provide flexible, rapidly scalable and secure WAN connections. With the help of platforms, customers can switch to architecture without any labor and additional financial costs. SASE due to managed from external storage, cloud SD-WAN and security level (Cisco Umbrella).

  1. Cisco - North American multinational company, which specializes in the development and production of network equipment for large conglomerates and telecommunications enterprises, in October 2020 announced the release of a family of radically new routers.

    This series is designed to help customers securely access, connect to hybrid and multi-cloud applications in virtual online storage, data conversion centers and at the edge..

    Users who integrate these platforms into their project will also have full access to the advanced features of the security stack. SD-WAN for local deployment. 

    The design of routers has a larger number of simply customizable cores and chips with increased port density, which are responsible for the timely high-quality scaling of any enterprise. The platforms also improve the performance of encryption, which is used to protect modern Internet traffic.. At the same time, the throughput of devices does not lose its efficiency..

    The design and appearance of the routers is client-oriented, it allows you to significantly reduce costs by increasing productivity, autonomous self-cooling and fast, intuitive resource management.

    Features and benefits of routers Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge:

    Architecture Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) - This technology supports cloud security services Cisco Umbrella. They provide customers with the flexibility to deliver services and networks together, both from the cloud and on-premises on a proprietary platform. Cisco SD-WAN.

    Routers provide software-defined WAN. This technology improves product performance SD-WAN up to four times due to dynamic redistribution of computing capabilities of platforms Catalyst 8200, 8200 uCPE and 8300 Series.      

    Equipped with a completely new intelligent processor Cisco Quantumflow progressive revolutionary third generation, which is characterized by increased capabilities in scaling, encryption, performance and of course security.

    The series includes advanced segmentation, application optimization and technology Cloud OnRamp. With these models, you can provide your equipment with flexible connectivity options.. You can also distribute device and application security and health checks, and prepare the site for your enterprise to connect to an enabled network. 5G.

    Adaptive Cloud Flexibility

    Completely programmable and open software architecture (software) provides cloud-scale optimization”. Routers also support diverse sets of microservices that greatly simplify the migration of data to cloud storage..

    Platforms in this series provide the flexibility to deploy any modern service in any, importantly, location. The devices enable intelligent capacity planning, making it easier for IT departments to integrate innovative technologies into their structures, without the risk of losing productivity in the area..

    Routers Cisco Catalyst 8000 provide:

    • Resilience of services based 5G.
    • Operational fault tolerance based on advanced telemetry data.
    • Business resiliency.

    Multi Cloud Migration

    Peculiarities Cisco 8000:

    • Simultaneous integration to multiple virtual data stores. 
    • Creation of a software-oriented global network based on SD-WAN, for secure cloud connectivity, robust segmentation, application optimization, and more.
    • Connecting to remote sites is as easy as possible with the new global wireless network 5G Wireless WAN.
    • Advanced multi-level security system, taking into account IPS, filter URL-addresses, layer 2 encryption and continuous monitoring DNS.

    Why Choose Routers Catalyst 8000?

    The answer to this question is that platforms can fully, fully satisfy the needs of customers of any scale, in any industry, science, trade, IT technologies, and so on.. Routers will not only increase the efficiency of your project, but also allow you to easily scale, implement modern developments and secure your data from malicious intrusions..