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  1. Firewall Cisco Firepower FPR4110-ASA-K9

    EAN: 12923
    Cisco Firepower 4110 ASA Appliance. 1U. 2 x NetMod Bays
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  2. Firewall Cisco Firepower FPR4110-AMP-K9

    EAN: 12924
    Cisco Firepower 4110 AMP Appliance. 1U. 2 x NetMod Bays
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80 Products found

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Firewall Cisco Firepower is a new generation safety device. Devices FireWall Cisco Firepower can boast of having unified management, as well as universal protection against various threats that works all the time. The device has monitoring and control functions, a protection system against the latest malware, an intrusion resistance mechanism, as well as the possibility of targeted filtering..

Device characteristics Cisco

Devices Cisco co security gateway Firepower models 4100 and 9300 have proprietary software Threat Defense. More devices work with images for secure networks Cisco ASA. The panel center is able to provide control with special unification for AMP, Firepower NGIPS and NGFW. Some devices have a useful function Radware Defense Pro, which prevents a variety of DDoS attacks such as. Also, devices have the ability to manage a large number of services using the utility ASDM. But absolute centralized control was never fully realized..

In addition to blocking numerous threats, these devices are able to eliminate the consequences of malicious attacks using their screens.. The owner of the network will not only be able to protect and control it, but also reduce the overall cost of protection itself by automating security processes.

There are a number of models in the line Firepower:

  • 9300;
  • 2110;
  • 2120;
  • 2130;
  • 2140;
  • 4110;
  • 4120;
  • 4140;
  • 4150.

Model Features 4100:

  • network protection, high performance;
  • pass ability 20 – 69 Gbit/with;
  • ability to avoid threats 10 – 20 Gbit/with;
  • session control.

Model Features 2100:

  • processing center perimeter;
  • ITU pass capability 1,2 – 8,5 Gbit/with;
  • ability to avoid threats 1,9 – 8,5 Gbit/with;
  • session control.

Series Features 9000:

  • for processing centers and operators;
  • the ability to pass up to 225 Gbit/with;
  • the ability to control access to 90 Gbit/with;
  • protection against the biggest threats.