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  1. Router Huawei NetEngine A821 E

    EAN: 17651
    External 120 W AC/DC adapter 36В Capacity Density (G/U)
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  2. Router Huawei NetEngine AR6710-L26T2X4

    EAN: 17652
    24 x GE electrical ( All LAN ports can be configured as WAN)
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  3. Router Huawei NetEngine AR6710-L50T2X4

    EAN: 17653
    48 x GE electrical ( All LAN ports can be configured as WAN)
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  4. Router Huawei NetEngine AR6710-L26T2X4-T

    EAN: 17654
    24 x GE electrical ( All LAN ports can be configured as WAN)
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  5. Router Huawei NetEngine AR6710-L50T2X4-T

    EAN: 17655
    48 x GE electrical ( All LAN ports can be configured as WAN)
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  6. Router Huawei NetEngine AR6300

    EAN: 17656
    AR6300 integrated chassis, 2*SRU slot, 4*SIC slot, 2*WSIC slot, 4*XSIC slot, 2*power slot.
    GPL Price:

    10079 $

  7. Router Huawei NetEngine AR6280

    EAN: 17657
    AR6280 integrated chassis, 1*SRU slot, 4*SIC slot, 2*WSIC slot, 2*XSIC slot, 2*power slot.
    GPL Price:

    6825 $

  8. Router Huawei NetEngine AR8140-12G10XG

    EAN: 17658
    AR8140-12G10XG, 10 * 10GE (SFP +), 8 * GE Combo, 4 * Ge Copper, 1 * USB3.0, 4 * SiC- (excluding power module).
    GPL Price:

    33333 $

  9. Router Huawei NetEngine AR8140-T-12G10XG

    EAN: 17659
    8 x GE combo, 4 x GE electrical, 10 x 10 GE optical (all WAN ports can be configured as LAN)
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  10. Router Huawei NetEngine AR6120

    EAN: 17660
    AR6120,1*GE WAN,1*GE combo WAN,1*10GE SFP+,8*GE LAN,2*USB,2*SIC.
    GPL Price:

    1660 $


130 Products found

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Huawei routers rank first in the Chinese market and second in the world. Seventy percent of corporate network owners and operators use routers. Huawei is investing a lot of money in the development of its technologies in this area, has made the largest development of products based on Internet Protocol standards.

Corporate routers of the AR100 - AR200 series

These fixed interface access routers are ideal for small businesses and affiliates. Their ideal for these types of enterprises is that they are easy to install, quiet operation due to the lack of fans. 2 uplink ports are used to balance the protection and load of the channel, Fast Ethernet is available in two variations with 4 and 8 ports. High bandwidth with voice and data support and wireless access, have an excellent authentication and protection mechanism, a wide range of VPN settings.

AR1200 series corporate routers

The integrated switching and routing capabilities of this series provide excellent data, voice and wireless communication via 3G, WLAN or LTE networks for small businesses or remote offices. Transfer of services by means of the multicore processor, reservation of channels, instant detection of malfunctions, support of function "replacement in hot mode". Easy to use and maintain, collect and display traffic statistics, easy network management.

AR2200 series corporate routers

The routers in this series are secure and have excellent data and voice services that are great for midsize businesses and headquarters. The total cost of ownership has been reduced by integrating the Gbit / s switching and routing function into a single device. A wide range of settings, from digital signal processing modules to interface and speed settings.

AR3200 series corporate routers

The devices of this series combine all the functions of the routers of the previous series, as well as support the ability to install various modules and interface boards. These routers have a multi-core processor architecture that provides continuous data switching.

NE series routers

Huawei NetEngine routers are used in individual, private corporate networks of various sizes. The height of the devices varies from 2U to 4U, and the depth of the units is only 220 mm, this feature of the switches can significantly save space in the hardware room.