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  1. Switch Cisco C6800IA-48FPD

    EAN: 10839
    Catalyst 6800 Instant Access POE+ Switch
    GPL Price:

    23400 $

  2. Switch Cisco C6800IA-48FPDR

    EAN: 10840
    C6800IA Instant Access POE+ Switch w Redundant PS capablity
    GPL Price:

    27300 $

  3. Switch Cisco C6800IA-48TD

    EAN: 10841
    Catalyst 6800 Instant Access Data Switch
    GPL Price:

    18200 $

  4. Switch Cisco C6807-XL

    EAN: 10842
    Catalyst 6807-XL 7-slot chassis, 10RU
    GPL Price:

    17250 $

  5. Switch Cisco C6807-XL-S2T-BUN

    EAN: 10843
    Chassis+Fan Tray+ Sup2T+2xPower Supply; IP Services ONLY
    GPL Price:

    52440 $

  6. Switch Cisco C6807-XL-S6T-BUN

    EAN: 10844
    Chassis+Fan Tray+ Sup6T+2xPower Supply; IP Services ONLY
    GPL Price:

    43700 $

  7. Switch Cisco C6816-X-LE

    EAN: 10845
    Cisco Catalyst 6816-X-Chassis (Standard Tables)
    GPL Price:

    41530 $

  8. Switch Cisco C6824-X-LE-40G

    EAN: 10846
    Cisco Catalyst 6824-X-Chassis and 2 x 40G (Standard Tables)
    GPL Price:

    73470 $

  9. Switch Cisco C6832-X-LE

    EAN: 10847
    Cisco Catalyst 6832-X-Chassis (Standard Tables)
    GPL Price:

    73470 $

  10. Switch Cisco C6840-X-LE-40G

    EAN: 10848
    Cisco Catalyst 6840-X-Chassis and 2 x 40G (Standard Tables)
    GPL Price:

    87830 $


13 Products found

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Switches Cisco Catalyst series 6800 - these are the core switching devices for campus networks, which in turn will support secure and simple, intelligent and scalable services. (10G, 40G, 100G).

Switches Cisco 6800 - have a new modular three-tier architecture: management tools, network applications and network elements - which fully comply with the network architecture Cisco ONE, offering the user reduced operational risk, investment protection, simple network structure and a wide range of opportunities for innovation. This series also includes a new chassis design: integrated circuit ASIC switches are used EARL8, she also works in the platform Nexus 7K. This ASIC optimized for a scalable deployment core and programmed with SDN, including onePK and OpenFlow.