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  1. Firewall Cisco ASA5506-K8

    EAN: 12079
    ASA 5506-X with FirePOWER services, 8GE, AC, DES
    GPL Price:

    995 $

  2. Firewall Cisco ASA5506-K9

    EAN: 12080
    ASA 5506-X with FirePOWER services, 8GE, AC, 3DES/AES
    GPL Price:

    995 $


137 Products found

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We offer to purchase firewalls Cisco at an affordable price. Such equipment is suitable for companies of various sizes, as well as for various data centers.. If you intend to place the device on the perimeter of a corporate network and organize access to Internet providers, then firewalls will be the best solution. Cisco ASA.


  • Trusted Platforms;
  • The functionality of NGFW allows you to qualitatively filter traffic at the application level;
  • Provides a secure connection to the global network

Designed specifically for small and medium businesses


  • Model ASA 5512-X equipped with a multi-core enterprise-class processor; 
  • It has 4 Gbyteand RAM;
  • Bandwidth Cisco firewall reaches 1 Gbit/with;

Improved variant with more performance and more RAM – ASA 5515-X. 

  • Suitable for stable performance;
  • Provides VPN clustering and security context awareness;
  • Simultaneous operation FirePOWER services, NGFW;
  • Protects against malicious code AMP, filtration URL addresses and  NGIPS. 

Even more productive analogue – ASA 5516-X.

Firewalls Cisco ideal for the needs of medium and large organizations

  • Device ASA 5525-X equipped with a special hardware system accelerator IPS for better intrusion prevention;
  • Has more I/O ports than previous models;
  • Power redundancy with existing hot-swap capability;
  • Allowed to connect up to 2.5 thousand remote users.

High-performance equipment targeted at large enterprises

  • AT ASA 5555-X firewall performance is 4 Gbit/with;
  • At the system IPS throughput reaches 1 Gbit/with;
  • Backup kit available.

Platform ASA 5585-X equipped with firewalls with an optimal combination of performance and density. 

Leading manufacturer's device Cisco able to meet the increasing demands of large enterprises in terms of bandwidth, speed and number of connections. Encrypted data is successfully parsed, built-in system IPS reliably protects against unwanted intrusions.