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  1. Router Cisco ISR4431-VSEC/K9

    EAN: 10154
    Cisco ISR 4431 Bundle with UC & Sec Lic, PVDM4-64, CUBE-25
    GPL Price:

    25838 $

  2. Router Cisco ISR4451-X-VSEC/K9

    EAN: 10155
    Cisco ISR 4451 VSEC Bundle, PVDM4-64 w/ UC,SEC Lic,CUBE-25
    GPL Price:

    34686 $

  3. Router Cisco ISR4431/K9

    EAN: 10156
    Cisco ISR 4431 (4GE,3NIM,8G FLASH,4G DRAM,IPB)
    GPL Price:

    14747 $

  4. Router Cisco ISR4451-UCSE-S/K9

    EAN: 10157
    Cisco ISR 4451 CI Bundle w 24 port SM, UCS-E Single Wide SM
    GPL Price:

    19500 $

  5. Router Cisco ISR4451-X/K9

    EAN: 10158
    Cisco ISR 4451 (4GE,3NIM,2SM,8G FLASH,4G DRAM)
    GPL Price:

    23596 $

  6. Router Cisco ISR4431-SEC/K9

    EAN: 10159
    Cisco ISR 4431 Sec bundle w/SEC license
    GPL Price:

    19467 $

  7. Router Cisco ISR4451-X-SEC/K9

    EAN: 10160
    Cisco ISR 4451 Sec Bundle, w/SEC license
    GPL Price:

    28315 $

  8. Router Cisco ISR4431-V/K9

    EAN: 10161
    Cisco ISR 4431 UC Bundle, PVDM4-64, UC License, CUBE-25
    GPL Price:

    21118 $

  9. Router Cisco ISR4451-X-V/K9

    EAN: 10162
    Cisco ISR 4451 UC Bundle, PVDM4-64, UC Lic,CUBE25
    GPL Price:

    29967 $

  10. Router Cisco ISR4431-AX/K9

    EAN: 10163
    Cisco ISR 4431 AX Bundle with APP and SEC license
    GPL Price:

    23714 $


34 Products found

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Routers Cisco 4000 series often used to connect different types of networks that carry network traffic. Due to the high quality and reliability of routers 4451 have become a global quality standard. This line is classified as a high-performance. The technology ensures particularly fast and clear data transmission. Many models sell immediately with an integrated service.


Cards NIM can only be used on routers Cisco 4321 and 4431 series. Multiflex modules have the form of digital processors that transmit signals using a voice data packet.. PVDM2 and PVDM3s no longer supported.

How synchronization works?

In routers 4331 NIM used for voice and other applications. In speech T1/E1 synchronized with one source. If there is any difference in the clock, it may cause flaps in the interface. When applying applications and new data, all ports have independent type timing. It is supported in automatic mode, subject to configuration at the global level.. If the slot is not entered, the command will be called ineffective. Applied Source Priority Controller is used to control timing.

To check the network performance on the router 4351, use a modular device. It can also be used to find out if a backplane is available..


They can be designated as:

  • Processor architecture, multi-core.
  • Traffic divides data, and services allow you to achieve uniform operation of the device.
  • The presence of a large number of modules.
  • A wide range of services taking place in one device - application control and firewall creation, VPN, voice messaging.
  • Platform visualization and integration of services into the infrastructure.