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  1. Module Juniper MS-MIC-16G

    EAN: 11369
    Multiservice Services MIC, 16G of Memory. Requires JunOs 13.2 or higher
    GPL Price:

    21600 $

  2. Module Juniper RE-S-MX104

    EAN: 11349
    Routing Engine for MX104 and 4GB Memory, Altius-MX104
    GPL Price:

    15450 $

  3. Module Juniper RE-S-X6-128G-S-S

    EAN: 11360
    MX RE, 6-CORE:2GHZ,128G S
    GPL Price:

    51500 $

  4. Module Juniper MPC4E-3D-32XGE-SFPP

    EAN: 11382
    MPC4E with Support for 10GE Interfaces. MPC, 32X10GE, MX. Optics Sold Separately
    GPL Price:

    255000 $

    As low as €3,500.00
  5. Module Juniper SRX5K-SCB3

    EAN: 11523
    GPL Price:

    15450 $

  6. Module Juniper SCBE2-MX

    EAN: 11391
    Enhanced MX Switch Control Board
    GPL Price:

    15000 $

    As low as €2,500.00
  7. Power supply Juniper PWR-MX104-DC-S

    EAN: 15815
    MX104 DC Power Supply, Altius-MX104
    GPL Price:

    2500 $

  8. Transceiver Huawei SFP-GPON-ONU

    EAN: 12001
    PON Optical Transceiver,SFP,1244M(Tx)/2488M(Rx),Single-mode Module,1310nm(Tx)/1490nm(Rx),20km,SC/UPC Compatible with SC/PC
    GPL Price:

    325 $

    Call for Price
  9. Transceiver Huawei SF15S1310

    EAN: 12002
    Optical Transceiver,eSFP,FE,Single-mode Module(1310nm,15km,LC)
    GPL Price:

    181 $

    Call for Price
  10. Transceiver Huawei OGSC40DD0

    EAN: 12003
    Optical transceiver,eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb/s,-4.5dBm,3dBm,-22.5dBm,LC(-40~85),single-mode,40km
    GPL Price:

    1019 $

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2698 Products found

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We offer profitable purchase of expansion modules in the online store Stack Systems. The accessories included in the range will help:

  • carry out signal conversion for receiving and transmitting information via fiber-optic communication lines (optical);
  • increase the functionality of the equipment (interface);
  • ensure high network bandwidth (network);
  • improve the performance of modular chassis, router, other devices (processor).

Components from leading world manufacturers

Modules Cisco characterized by high reliability. Many of them have a mode «hot» substitutions. SFP transceivers are suitable for all products Cisco Small Business. Support various transmission media: single mode/multimode fiber, twisted pair (copper cable). Interface modules allow you to build networks as quickly and easily as possible. Ensure the joint operation of multiple systems, help upgrade telecommunications equipment, provide convenient management. Network add-ons can be used as uplink ports for high-speed connection to a backbone or other equipment. Stacking modules are used to connect multiple switches into a single logical device. Processor modules can support QoS, security features, other services and services. Most components are equipped with ports SFP+,QSFP+.

Modules Juniper Networks are produced for certain lines of routers, switches, and other devices. Optical transceivers differ in form factor, speed and transmission medium, operating range. There are one- and two-fiber options, with connectors LC, SC types. The manufacturer sells SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP, CFP Modules. Among the interface boards there are MIC, MPC, DPC, PIC. Network add-ons expand equipment with uplink ports. processor – can be suitable for different platforms at the same time, most representatives have three part numbers.

Extreme Networks modules are distinguished by high-quality performance and stable operation. Allows you to transfer data at high speeds over long distances. Suitable for different transmission environments. Favor the combined use of several types of devices from the manufacturer. Help build cost-effective networks. Small size add-ons save space in racks and cabinets.