Router Cisco ASR1001X-AES-AX

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ASR1001X AX, AVC, AES, vWAAS Bundle

Routers Cisco ASR 1000 Series (Aggregation Service Router) - is a series of edge routers designed for the carrier and enterprise market, and designed for use in large computing data centers and designed for aggregating WAN connections. System Cisco ASR1000 consists of chassis, routing processor (route processor), embedded service processor (embedded services processors, ESP). This allows you to separate traffic tasks from traffic control functions, which increases the throughput of the chassis.. All family models ASR 1000 using a new processor Cisco QuantumFlow, resulting in high performance. As a result, the throughput of routers ASR1000 is from 2,5 Gbit/s for junior models before 200 Gbit/s in models ASR1006 and ASR1013.

Family ASR 1000 allows you to create various configurations, which is ensured by the modular design, choice interface boards, support AC and DC power, redundancy options, choice of chassis with different performance and many licenses and upgrades.

Routers Cisco ASR 1000 Series run under the operating system IOS XE, which can be upgraded without disabling services (ISSU, In Service Software Upgrade). Device Cisco ASR 1000 provides integrated high-performance services, including multi-gigabit encryption, broadband support, firewall, Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) and Session border control, service quality QoS and other features.

Routers Cisco ASR1000 Series include base platforms ASR1001, ASR1002, ASR1004, ASR1006 and ASR1013. Platforms have built-in Ports 1Gb on board, expansion slots for interface modules, embedded processors Embedded Services Processor (ESP), Route Processor (RP) and SPA Interface Processor (SIP). Series Cisco ASR 1001-X, ASR 1002-X, ASR 1001-HX, ASR 1002-HX and ASR 1004 support software redundancy (software redundancy), a Cisco ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1009-X and ASR 1013 Provide hardware reservation (hardware redundancy).

Technical characteristics of the router Cisco ASR1001X-AES-AX:


2.5 Gbps to 20 Gbps

Targeted for

High-end branch office, enterprise WAN or Internet edge, managed services

Shared port adapters


Ethernet port adapters


Network interface modules (NIMs)


Embedded services processor slots


Route processor slots


Number of SPA interface processors (SIPs) supported



Yes: Software

Number of SFP built-in GE ports


Number of SFP built-in 10GE ports


Integrated daughter card (IDC)


Redundant power supply

Yes: Dual power supply; option of either AC or DC


Front to back


Height: 1.71 in. (43.43 mm)


17.3 in. (439.42 mm)


18.5 in. (470 mm)


23.30 lb (10.59 kg)

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