Router Huawei NetEngine AR8140-T-12G10XG

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8 x GE combo, 4 x GE electrical, 10 x 10 GE optical (all WAN ports can be configured as LAN)

Line routers NetEngine AR 

Innovative, modern, high quality access routers (AR) refer to enterprise-class models for the cloud base. The devices deliver full 5G ultra-broadband uplink data and deliver 3x the industry average forwarding performance resource. 

Routers use SD-WAN, cloud management, virtual private network (VPN), multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), full security features and voice controllers. Hardware devices ideally suppress any uplink Internet traffic spikes, which provides the possibility of diversified scaling of the services provided..

Enhanced performance Huawei NetEngine AR routers.

In the era of class networks SD-WAN the functioning of routers is limited not only by the levels L1–L3 — at the moment, taking into account regularly growing network needs and resources, it is necessary to operate with a regularly growing number of operations at seven levels OSI, which increases the requirements for the quality of data and information transmission.

router Huawei NetEngine AR6000 apply modern high-performance heterogeneous transmission architecture based on CPU and NP microprocessors and optimize personal functionality at the levels L3–L7. This ensures performance above the industry average..

Unparalleled Application Efficiency.

With a modern, intelligent approach to traffic management based on application type and route optimization technology based on key factors such as the level of service in SLA-agreement, application prioritization and bandwidth utilization, the quality and stable operation of diverse Internet products are significantly improved. Efficiency improvement ensured by 90% bandwidth utilization, network generation SD-WAN with improved functionality.

Ease and ease of maintenance.

Network configuration can be carried out by e-mail, from a flash drive USB or server DHCP. All devices are equipped with automatic configuration. With integrated management methods and technologies, and centralized network operations O&M, enterprises will receive multipurpose visible reports to instantly isolate any likely errors and failures. A set of network security policy configuration tools provide an opportunity to flexibly design a network optimization methodology.

Specifications router Huawei NetEngine AR8140-T-12G10XG:


NetEngine AR8140-12G10XG

NetEngine AR8140-T-12G10XG


ARM64 (16-core)

SD-WAN Service Performance1 (IMIX)

20 Gbit/s

SD-WAN Service Performance1 (1400 Bytes)

36 Gbit/s

Fixed WAN Ports

8 x GE combo, 4 x GE electrical, 10 x 10 GE optical (all WAN ports can be configured as LAN)

SIC Slots


WSIC Slots (Default/Maximum2)


Auxiliary or Console Port

1 x RJ45 console port

USB Port

1 x USB 3.0 (compatible with USB 2.0)


16 GB


4 GB




Hot Swapping


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