Router Juniper MX10003-BASE

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MX10003 base 2-slot chassis; includes 1 RE, 4 fan trays, 4 power supplies, and 1 EMI door with air filter assembly

Routers Juniper MX10003 – these are power-optimized, dedicated edge routers that will enable cloud operators and service providers to navigate the continuous growth of network traffic and the increase in the number of users on the network. Also, MX10003 Provide the highest throughput and density of ports, while occupying 3U of the entire rack.

Router Juniper MX10003 supports up to 72 ports – 10GE, 18 ports – 40GE or 12 ports – 100GE, at a throughput of 4.8Tbps in one chassis. The port density and high performance makes the device the best solution for providing a wide range of business services, cloud and mobile applications, as well as business VPN, high-speed Internet, data center interconnection (data centers), Services Metro-Ethernet and next-generation broadband multiplexing.

Technical characteristics of the router Juniper MX10003-BASE:

System capacity

4.8 Tbps

Switch fabric capacity per slot


DPCs and/or MPCs per chassis

2 (MPCs only)

Chassis per rack


Dimensions (W x H x D)

19 x 5.217 x 30 in (48.26 x 13.25 x 76.2 cm)

Maximum weight

120 lb / 54.43 kg


Four-post rack

Power options

90V to 264V AC
-40V to -72V DC

Operating temperature

32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)


5 to 90 percent non-condensing


13,000 ft

You can also order an additional license and accessories..

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