Router Juniper MX2008-BASE

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10 slot MX2008 chassis, base bundle with 1 Routing Engine, SFBs, fan trays

Router Juniper MX2008 has a height 24(U) unit, has 10 dedicated slots for line cards (MPC), including adapter cards (ADC) and modular interface cards (MIC). In every MPC up to 2 microcontrollers can be installed. Completely populated router MX2008 supports up to 20 MIC. Host Subsystem MX2008 consists of two RCB. RCB is an integrated board and a single unit that replaces the field (FRU), which provides functionality Routing Engine and Control Board and supports virtualization. The router contains 8 breakout boards (SFB), that provide redundancy 7 + 1.

Chassis MX2008 contains nine power modules (PSM) and two power distribution modules (PDM) for food. everyone PSM provides power 2500 W> and provides redundancy 8 + 1. Two PDM ensure the redundancy of the feed, and each PDM connects to the primary and backup channels separately. Cooling system MX2008 contains two fan trays with six fans in each fan tray. Fan panels can be installed or removed from the back of the chassis, allowing space for cable usage. MX2008 maintains temperature thresholds for each temperature sensor, allowing the router to precisely control cooling, issue alarms as needed, and shut down FRU.

Technical characteristics of the router Juniper MX2008-BASE:

System capacity

40 Tbps

Switch fabric capacity per slot

2 Tbps

Dense Port Concentrators (DPCs) and/or Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) per chassis

10 (MPC only)

Chassis per rack


Dimensions (W x H x D), Rack units

17.375 x 42 x 34.5 in (44.13 x 106.68 x 87.63 cm), 24U

Maximum weight

915 lbs / 415.04 kg


Four-post rack

Power options

AC/DC: -40 to -72 V DC
200-240 V AC

Operating temperature

32° to 115° F (0° to 46° C) at sea level


5 to 90 percent noncondensing


No performance degradation to 13,000 ft/4,000 m

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