Router Juniper MX240BASE-AC-LOW

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Chassis, Midplane, 1 RE, 1 SCB, 2 AC PEMs

Border routers Juniper MX240 – these are devices forms –factor a 5U, with high performance 1,92 Tbit/with (backplane) and 480 Gbit/from per slot. Router Juniper MX240 - is a scalable platform 3me expansion slots for boards MPC go DPC, based on a set microchips Trio and operating system Junos. One Trio chipset able to support more 2M routes in FIB, 250To queues, 32K interfaces, 500to MAC addresses, 1m ARP records.

Edge devices Juniper MX240 designed for corporate networks and networks of providers, with a full-featured set of services and services. Routers Juniper MX240 can be used as a border router to connect to a WAN environment, network core, for aggregation of remote nodes, or for corporate and mobile services. Platform Juniper MX240 has a developed MPLS functionality supports protocols and functions NAT, QoS, BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, MPLS-TE, VPLS, Multicast VPN, RSVP/LDP, segmentation support On the 2 and 3 levels Models OSI (L2/L3 VPN), stateful-Filtration, high density ports 100GigabitEthernet (12), 40GigabitEthernet (36), 10GigabitEthernet (120), GigabitEthernet (120), and other. Also, functionality support Subscriber Management (BRAS functional, with a license), Inline jflow (with a license), QoS/H-QoS, bandwith policing/shaping, and support for Layer 2 switching mechanisms dot1q vlan switching, QnQ tunneling, and.T.d. This router integrates advanced time synchronization technologies to improve the quality of experience (quality of experience - QoE) mobile broadband, and managed through a platform Junos Space Network Management, which ensures rapid deployment of services.

Router line Juniper MX240 has a wide selection interface boards and processor modules, optical transceivers and memory modules. With various licenses and software platform MX240 you can update and add the required functionality for the tasks. Due to its flexibility and various combination of interaction, Routers Juniper Series MX240 are the ideal solution for small networks, corporate and WAN networks of providers and service providers.

Technical characteristics of the router Juniper MX240BASE-AC-LOW:

System Capacity

1.92 Tbps

Switch Fabric Capacity per Slot

480 Gbps

DPCs and/or MPCs per Chassis

2 (typical) or 3 (optional)

Chassis per Rack


Dimensions (W x H x D)

17.45 x 8.71 x 27.75 in (total depth includes standard cable manager measurements) (44.32 x 22.12 x 70.49 cm)

Maximum Weight

130 lbs / 59 kg


Front or center

Power Options

AC/DC: -40 to -72 V DC
100-240 V AC

Operating Temperature

32 to 104 degrees F (0 to 40 degrees C)


5 to 90 percent non-condensing


No performance degradation to 13,000 ft / 4,000 m

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