Switch Cisco 6807-S6T-10G-40G

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Chassis+Fan+ Sup6T+2xPower Supply; IP Services, 10G, 40G

Switch series Cisco Catalyst 6800 specifically designed to deliver campus backbone services at speeds 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb, while maintaining network programmability, protecting customers' investments, and ensuring compatibility with the widely used family of switches. Catalyst 6500.

Ruler Catalyst 6800 includes fixed configuration models (48 gigabit ports and 2 port uplink 10GbE), platform chassis (Supervisor with 16 slots under 1G/10G, transceivers SFP/SFP+ (with support up to 4 x 40G QSFP) and 4 expansion slots for line cards, supporting all functions Supervisor2T/Catalyst 6500). Chassis Catalyst 6800 cTotally supports up to 80 ports 1G/10G or 20 ports 40G, and is positioned as a modular platform with a high density of ports for the aggregation of optical communication channels 1G/10G/40G. Also a line of switches Cisco Catalyst 6800 includes a modular 7-slot high platform 10 RU, with throughput up to 880 Gbps per slot and switching speed 11,4 Tbps (220 Gbps per slot when using existing Supervisor 2T), which allows you to ensure the preservation of customers' investments due to compatibility with Supervisor 2T, existing generations of 6700, 6800, 6900 series line cards, as well as service modules NAM-3, ASA-SM, WISM2, ACE-30, using the functionality Catalyst 6500 for investment protection.

To device features Cisco Catalyst 6800 can be attributed to ease of operation using instant access switches Catalyst Instant Access, intelligent services with support Catalyst 6500 DNA and package Cisco One Platform Kit (OnePK), high level of security for users and applications with comprehensive protection of wired, wireless and VPN networks. Modular platforms Cisco Catalyst 6800 - is a new three-layer architecture that includes network applications, management tools and network elements - which is fully consistent with the network architecture Cisco ONE, offering customers investment protection, operational risk mitigation, network simplicity and ample opportunity for innovation. Cisco Catalyst 6800 offers a new chassis design: as an integrated circuit ASIC switches are used EARL8, which also works on platforms Nexus 7K. This ASIC optimized for a scalable deployment core and programmed with SDN, including onePK and OpenFlow.

Specifications of switch Cisco Catalyst 6807-S6T-10G-40G:


Chassis+Fan+ Sup6T+2xPower Supply; IP Services, 10G, 40G

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