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Nexus 3550-H Hydra 144-port Layer 1 switch

Cisco Nexus Series 3550 – The unique platform of the network switch with ultra-low delay when transferring data.

This line provides negligible latency switching and the machines provide application programmingВ FPGA, multiplexing and precise timestamp. that simplifies mission-critical network operations.

switch Cisco Nexus 3550-T FPGA

This series of switches is a unique first-class switching platform and software application platform with an innovative design that provides low latency.

Cisco Nexus 3550-TВ supports simultaneouslyВ 48В ports EthernetВ in a single rackВ form factor 1RU. Designed switches based on high-power adaptive programmingВ FPGA, which provides a complete environment for developing firmware for applications and individual scripts.

The platform has a console port, a port with a micro connectorВ USB, port 1G RJ45 and port SFP + 10G, which can be used as control interfaces. To the features of the switches of this seriesВ Cisco Nexus 3550-T FPGAВ can be attributed:

  • Availability of packet countersВ (RX, TX)
  • Determining the current state of the reception channel.
  • Error countersВ CRCВ for reception temperature information.
  • Information about the power sensor.
  • Increased fan speed.

switch Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion

Compact yet powerful platform designed specifically for applications that do not accept long delays in information transfer. Switches haveВ 48 portsВ connections in the formatВ 10 gigabit internet. This version can be customized:

  • Layer 1 matrix switcher.
  • Layer 2 multiplexer or de-multiplexer.
  • Fully controlled learning switchВ MAC.

switch Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion

The ultra-modern platform that provides a large network deployment rate and provides advanced features, and also provides reliable data protection..

Switch bays for external modulesВ (A, B and C)В can be filledВ 16-portВ line cardВ SFP + (N35-F-16P)В or 4-port line card QSFP + (N35-F-4Q).В Standard optics availableВ SFP + and QSFP +В or cable connection.В Cisco Nexus 3550-FВ FusionВ run under a special operating system and command line interface (CLI), specially designed for the needs of Layer 1 switching and configurationВ FPGAВ with extremely low latency.

switch Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion HPT

This version works on the basis of a unique time fixing technology.В HPT. The devices offer high quality time synchronization with pulses per second sources,В GPSВ and high precision time protocolВ PTP.

Nexus 3550-F Fusion HPTВ has a deep hierarchy of packet buffers to ensure that packets are captured, timestamped and transferred to long-term storage even in extreme correlated micro-packet scenarios.

switch Cisco Nexus 3550-H Hydra

These are Layer 1 switches with the highest possible expansion density.. The series operates at the physical network level, devices are connected via a matrix switch.

Cisco Nexus 3550-H Hydra (160)В - the world's first networking device that uses connectorsВ QSFPВ double densityВ (QSFP-DD).В connectorsВ QSFP-DDВ On theВ 100%В back compatible with outdated connectorsВ QSFP, ensuring a seamless transition from legacy network cables.В 

Specifications of switch Cisco Nexus N35-H-144X:

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