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36 x 100 Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Slot

Switches Cisco Nexus – is a series of network switches in fixed and modular configuration, designed primarily for installation in data centers or for installation in a corporate network as a network core.

Series devices Cisco NexusВ support virtual networks (VLAN,В Private VLAN), loop prevention protocolsВ STP, as well asВ Root Guard,В BPDU GuardВ etc.., port aggregationВ Port ChannelВ and t. d. Also, switchesВ Cisco NexusВ supportВ L3В Functional including static and dynamic routing (EIGRP,В OSPF,В BGP,В ISIS), policy-based routing (PBR), support for default gateway redundancy protocols (HSRP,В VRRP,В GLBP),В GRE-tunnelsВ and t. d. Supported protocols for working with multicast traffic:В IGMPВ andВ PIM.

Security in devices is represented by access listsВ ACLВ (IP,В MAC,В VLAN), restriction of access at the port level (Port Security), various functions to combat address spoofing (DHCP snooping,В Dynamic ARP inspection,В IP source guard). There are mechanisms to deal with broadcast storms (Storm Control) and control level protection (Control Plane Policing). For monitoring and control there isВ SNMP,В NTP,В Netflow, various implementationsВ SPAN, Embedded Event Manager and more, while supporting the ability to manage through the network management protocolВ NETCONF, as well as running scripts based on Python.В Switches NexusВ support a fairly large range of other various technologies:В MPLS,В LISP,В VXLAN,В OTV,В QoSВ (Functionality depends on the platform).

Switch line Cisco Nexus includes such series:

- Nexus 1000 Series — virtual switch that is used in VMware vSphere and Hyper-V

- Nexus 2000 Series — fabric-extender, control and management is carried out through the "parent" equipment

-В Nexus 3000 SeriesВ - network switches mounted in a telecommunications rack, a feature of this type of switches is the support of technologyВ VXLAN

-В Nexus 4000 SeriesВ - high-speed switches supporting the technologyВ 10 Gigabit Ethernet, built on integrated circuitsВ ASIC. Developed in collaboration with the companyВ IBM, like a bladeВ IBM BladeCenter

-В Nexus 5000 SeriesВ - Layer 3 network switches mounted in a telecommunications rack, exceptВ LANВ also provide switchingВ SANВ traffic. Switches run at speedВ 10 Gigabit EthernetВ andВ 40 Gigabit Ethernet. Switches support technologies:В Fibre Channel,В FCoE,В VXLANВ andВ NVGRE

-В Nexus 6000 SeriesВ - Layer 3 network switches may haveВ up to 96 ports 40 GigabitEthernetВ orВ up to 384 ports 10В GigabitEthernet

-В Nexus 7000 SeriesВ - modular switches, have a bandwidth of up toВ 1,3 TbpsВ for each slot (blade) or more thanВ 83 TbpsВ on chassis

-В Nexus 9000 SeriesВ - in addition to low-end technologies, supportsВ MPLS-VPNВ (BGP-EVPN)

Switches Cisco Nexus Series 9000В provide the basis for infrastructure deployment Cisco, application oriented (ACIВ -В application centric infrastructure), which are able to provide scalability, high performance, low power consumption, as well as the full operation of network virtualization technologiesВ VXLANВ (Virtual Extensible LAN) andВ NVGREВ (Network Virtualization Using Generic Routing Encapsulation). They provide high scalability, performance and energy efficiency in the compact size. These switches are ideal for aggregation and access layer deployments in large enterprise, service provider, and cloud networks..

Switches Cisco Nexus 9000В available in modular and fixed configurationВ 10/40/100 Gigabit EthernetВ and designed to work inВ ModeeВ Cisco NXВ for backwards compatibility and consistency with the current set of solutions Cisco Nexus, and inВ ModeeВ ACIВ to take full advantage of policy-based services and infrastructure automation featuresВ ACI.

devices Cisco Nexus 9000 SeriesВ are highly scalable, up toВ 60 TbpsВ (Chassis Nexus 9516) less than 5 microsecond latency non-blocking bandwidth, and up to 1152 non-blocking portsВ 10 GigabitEthernetВ or 288 non-blocking portsВ 40 GigabitEthernetВ Level 2 and 3, as well as support for relaying, routing and gateways in the networkВ VXLANВ at wired speeds.В Device high availabilityВ Cisco Nexus 9000 SeriesВ Characterized by full support for updating without interruption (ISSU) and making corrections to the software without interruption, and the use of specialized integrated circuits (ASIC) Cisco and third parties to improve reliability and performance. Also,В В Chassis without intermediate board optimizes airflow and reduces power consumption.

Specifications of switch Cisco Nexus N9K-C9336C-FX2-E:

General Information


Cisco Systems, Inc

Manufacturer Part Number:


Manufacturer Website Address:


Brand Name:


Product Line:


Product Series:


Product Model:


Product Name:

Nexus 9336C-FX2 Ethernet Switch

Product Type:

Ethernet Switch


Uplink Port:




Stack Port:


Port/Expansion Slot Details:

36 x 100 Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Slot

Media & Performance

Media Type Supported:

Optical Fiber

Ethernet Technology:

100 Gigabit Ethernet

Network Technology:


I/O Expansions

Number of Total Expansion Slots:


Expansion Slot Type:


Shared SFP Slot:


Network & Communication

Layer Supported:


Management & Protocols



Power Description

Power Source:

Power Supply

Redundant Power Supply Supported:


Physical Characteristics

Compatible Rack Unit:


Form Factor:



1.72" (43.69 mm)


17.30" (439.42 mm)


24.50" (622.30 mm)

Weight (Approximate):

8.53 kg



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