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Switches EX4400 – fully cloud-integrated switching platform with connected AI access. A feature of this line is the highest level of data protection.

Switches are equipped with such effective options asВ Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE ++), MACsec AES-256. And also the devices are equipped with micro-segmentation with the application of policiesВ GBP, EVPN-VXLANВ for access ratio and telemetry based on streaming rates.

Line switchesВ EX4400В are a functional part of the main, basic infrastructureВ Juniper Mist Wired Assurance. Thanks to this, any device from this series is as simple and easy as possible to connect, as well as configure and manage its functionality, even without primary specialized training..

Mist AL – a technique, an algorithm of work, which is embedded in the functionality of the switches, simplifies various computational operations, and also improves the quality of work of devices connected to the distributor.

Switching under the control of artificial intelligence

Series EX4400В fully managed from the cloud thanks to technologyВ Juniper Mist Wired Assurance, using automation and analytics based on artificial intelligence methodologies. This innovation allows you to increase interactions with end users and connected devices and devices.

The switches have a color LED display that shows cloud connection status. This series allows you to optimizeВ IT-operations and reduce the total time for repairs. In addition, the units enable advanced new generation wired and wireless networks..

Line distributorsВ EX4400В provide the user with extensive streaming telemetry data that can be used to monitor the health status of the switch and the expected level of audit service for the wired networkВ SLE.

The switches provide easy scalability, enhanced resiliency, and optimized management with virtual chassis that help configure and maintain multiple devices at the same time.

ModelsВ EX4400:

  • EX4400-48F: 12 x 10GbE + 36 x 1GbE and 4 x 10 / 25GbE uplinks
  • EX4400-24P / T: 24 uplink 1GbE PoE / Non-PoE and 4 channels 10 / 25GbE
  • EX4400-48P / T: 48 uplinks 1GbE PoE / Non-PoE and 4 channels 10 / 25GbE

Thread-based telemetry includes analytics at a streaming basis, due to which you can track tens of thousands of traffic information flows that enter the switch without affecting the principles of the CPU operation.

PoE, PoE ++ and Fast PoE

PoE – this is a network distributor with options for integrated devices over twisted pair, such devices may include: ip-cameras, wireless network access points, network hubs and other devices to which it is not recommended to connect the power supply cable.

Switch seriesВ EX4400В provides the fastest PoE, which makes it possible to direct power to endpoints even when the switch is rebooted. В 

Specifications of switch Juniper EX4400-48T-S:


MAC limiting (per port and per VLAN), Dynamic ARP inspection (DAI), IP source guard, Local proxy ARP, Static ARP support, DHCP snooping, Captive portal, DDoS protection (CPU control path flooding protection)


4,093 VLAN with 4,094 VLAN IDs



Layer 2 switching

Yes, Port-based VLAN, Voice VLAN, RTG, PVST+, RVI, UFD, Ethernet Ring Protection Switching, LLDP, LLDP-MED with VoIP integration, MAC learning disable, sticky MAC, MAC notification, PVLANs, ECN, L2PT

Layer 3 Switching

Yes, Static routing, RIPv1/v2, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS

Number of Port

24x 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE+ + 4x 10GbE or 4x 25GbE or 2x 100GbE


Yes, Virtual Chassis configuration consisting of 10 switches

Redundant Power Supply

Yes, Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies with redundant, field-replaceable, hot-swappable fans




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