Switch Juniper EX9208-BASE3A-AC

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Base EX9208 system configuration: 8-slot chassis with passive midplane and 1x fan tray, 1x routing engine, 1x switch fabric-2 module s, 3x 2520W AC PSUs, and all necessary blank panels

Switch series Juniper EX9200 presented in the form of a chassis with 4-me, 8-ew or 14-ew expansion slots for line modules. EX9200 - These are high-performance, high-density Ethernet switches with access speeds 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE per port, designed to simplify the deployment of cloud applications, server virtualization, and media-enabled collaboration in campus and data center environments at the network core and aggregation levels.

Switches Juniper EX9200 serve as the basis for architecture Junos Fusion Enterprise. This technology greatly simplifies campus deployment by rolling the entire network into a single point of management with EX9200 as a core. Switches Juniper EX9200, Like the whole line Juniper EX, runs under the operating system Junos, and support full functionality L2, as well as L3 functionality, including IPv4/IPv6. scalability Multicast and MPLS/VPLS and much more.

Specifications of switch Juniper EX9208-BASE3A-AC:

Form Factor

EX9204: 4-slot modular chassis
EX9208: 8-slot modular chassis
EX9214: 14-slot modular chassis

Dimensions (W x H x D)

17.5 x 8.7 x 27.8 in (44.5 x 22.1 x 70.5 cm)
5 rack units
17.5 x 14 x 27.8 in (44.5 x 35.6 x 70.5 cm)
8 rack units
17.5 x 27.8 x 27.8 in (44.5 x 70.5 x 70.5 cm)
16 rack units

Backplane Speed

EX9204: Up to 1.6 Tbps per chassis
EX9208: Up to 4.8 Tbps per chassis
EX9214: Up to 13.2 Tbps per chassis

Data Rate

EX9200-40T: Up to 40 Gbps
EX9200-40F: Up to 40 Gbps
EX9200-32XS: Up to 240 Gbps
EX9200-4QS: Up to 120 Gbps


Up to 240 Gbps per slot (full duplex) on all chassis

40GBASE QSFP + Port Densities

EX9204: 12 (EX9200-4QS line card)
EX9208: 28 (EX9200-4QS line card)
EX9214: 48 (EX9200-4QS line card)

100GBASE CFP Port Densities

EX9204: 6 using EX9200-2C-8XS line card
EX9208: 10 using EX9200-2C-8XS line card
EX9214: 20 using EX9200-2C-8XS line card


4 power supply bays on each chassis for N+1 or N+N redundancy; field-replaceable fan trays; redundant Routing Engines and Switch Fabrics; graceful routing engine switchover

Operating System


Traffic Monitoring


QoS Queues / Port


MAC Addresses


Jumbo Frames

9,192 Bytes

IPv4 Unicast / Multicast Routes


IPv6 Unicast / Multicast Routes


Number of VLANs


ARP Entries


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